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Who Are Presenter Promotions?

Presenter Promotions have over 30 years of experience of advising both newcomers and established talent alike. We are a prominent and respected casting organisation and over the years have advised hundreds of new presenters, offering tailored advice and guidance. Alongside this our specialised website will help furnish you with a place to sell your talent and offer jobs you can apply for. You can register HERE to get a free profile and add your photo and your showreel too.


So Where Can You Find Presenter Jobs?

If I had a pound for everytime someone had asked this question, by now I would be very wealthy. But lets talk reality here, these jobs are high competition, for New and up-and-coming TV presenters finding the first few jobs can be an up-hill struggle and thats why 30 years ago I set up Presenter Promotions to help guide and supply job vacancies to those just starting out.


Want Fame Fast? Then You May Be Disappointed With The Next Paragraph!

There is no fast track route to becoming a presenter, no matter what you are told or in stories you might read. The true key to finding work (apart from having great talent) is to get as much experience as you can AND develop your selling and networking skills. There are a number of places you can explore to find presenter jobs, but always be realistic with your ability. It’s likely that climbing the ladder slowly will almost guarantee you reaching your personal goal, running before you can walk rarely works out, as many a failed new-comer has found out to their own disappointment.


 auditionsAll New-comers need Experience . . .

Try Hospital Radio

When you start out, you should try to get as much experience as you can. A good place to consider is your local hospital radio station, they always need help and would be very pleased to get someone as enthusiastic and determined as yourself. You will learn a lot there, ad-lib for one, microphone technique, interviews and of course being an on-air personality. Many a well known presenter started their career in this way. If you want to find your nearest station check out the Hospital Radio Association.


Internet Radio Broadcasting

Internet radio broadcasting is growing within the worldwide web and there are many UK based stations looking for volunteers to produce and present their own shows. You will of course need some equipment and a reasonably soundproof room at home to set up a studio, but as you are working remotely, you can in theory broadcast to anywhere in the world. You might find this website quite useful for finding out the stations that are broadcasting.


Create Your Own YouTube Channel

YouTube has become a major player for new presenters who want to promote their talent and abilities. Creating a channel is the easy bit of course, filling it with good content (that sells your skills) is the bigger task. Don’t shy away from making your own videos though, but don’t have videos of you talking about yourself - display your personality, give opinions, show your expert skills, useful talents and interesting interviews. Try and make the videos unique, fun, and motivating. Many producers do scan youtube for talent, so not being part of this will indeed cut off a possible promotion route. When you create a great video link to it via your social media too.



Local TV Channels

Another opportunity you may want to get involved with is your local internet TV channel. They often use volunteer presenters and voice-over artists (although some of the regional ones do have salaried presenters and journalists too). This can be another useful way of gaining more experience and collating further material for your showreel AND good credits for your CV.


Let the industry know you are READY FOR BUSINESS

I do hope you will join us and start your new career with people who you can trust. We offer the help and advice that will help you take the next steps. Get your FREE for life profile today and start selling your talent and if you are ready start to apply for the presenter jobs posted by our visiting producers. If you have further questions please check out our FAQ's.



© Colin Cobb of Presenter Promotions


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