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Success Stories

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Thank You Presenter Promotions

Just wanted to say "thank you" for everything you do with Presenter Promotions - it's my main source of work, so for that I'm really grateful!!

Rob Thornton

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Really helpful and great advice given. I feel more than happy knowing the I can get in touch and get an honest opinion and sound advice any time.

Paula Colbourne

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Very friendly, experienced and knowledgeable

I am just starting out using Presenter promotions and Colin has already been a great help, having taken the time to give advice and support. Very friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. I would suggest to anyone wanting to get help starting in the business to sign up to Presenter Promotions.

Andy Godfrey

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I have been a big fan of Presenter Promotions

Colin and his team are great at sourcing quality Presenting Jobs and his e-mails have given me some great leads, earning me an income of over £90,000. He is the best!

Jemish Patel

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You really fuelled my ambition

It was fantastic meeting you. You really fuelled my ambition and drive to make it as a presenter. Just wanted to say thank you.

Ben Masters

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A great help

After looking through Indeed without success i was able to find 2 people straight off from here. Colin was very helpful too


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This site is one of the best

Colin is always so helpful and quick to get back to you for any queries or advice. Some jobs you may see on other sites but most are unique to Presenter Promotions, as well as being specifically for presenters, which a lot of sites don’t cater for. If you are a professional presenter looking for quality work, then this site is one of the best

Andrianna Christofi

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Wonderful Service

I’d like to say thank you for your wonderful service, I was able to find the perfect presenter through your website.

Nathan Stewart

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Huge thanks to Colin

Huge thanks to Colin for all your help today! You're fab! Any fellow presenters I strongly recommend this site!

Laura Naylor

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A unique service to Presenters and Voice Artists

"Presenter Promotions offer a unique service to Presenters and Voice Artists like myself. The Website means exposure to an enormous number of potential clients and producers. Presenter Promotions updates us with job opportunities, and introduces us to a wide range of contacts. I have had work, enquiries and 'on file opportunities' which otherwise wouldn't have come my way, so that one keeps prominently in the, market place...."

Geoff Annis

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Presenter Promotions has been invaluable

"Presenter Promotions has been invaluable to me as a television presenter (Especially during my first few tentative years!). But please feel feel to not subscribe... I have far too much competition as it is ;0) xxLM"


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A very professional service

"I got a presenting job purely from a producer viewing my showreel and he's now booked me for another job too. A very professional service and Colin is a credit to the industry.”

Sarah Coutts

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BBC, QVC, Voice-overs and a US company

“Long term contracts for the BBC, QVC, Voice-overs and a US company who flew mw to New York!”

Zoe-Anne (Phillips) McCready

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Keep up the excellent work!

"I just want to say thank you for the excellent service, I have just got TV Continuity for BBC 1 & BBC 2. Worth every penny and frankly the only place I repeatedly get jobs from. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you X"


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Worth Every Penny

"Presenter Promotions is a presenters biggest secret. I get 90% of my work from them. I couldn’t of got as far on my career without them. Worth every penny."

Paul Metcalfe

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This service is a god-send

"This service is a god-send, it takes the backache out of looking for new openings. As a freelancer, I don't have much time for marketing so this is a great tool to quickly see what is out there, and I have been successful on a number of occasions".

Georgina Burnett

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