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Presenter Promotions have been helping the TV & Radio industry since 1990, so with our experience we can be trusted to help you.
I am very pleased that you are considering joining Presenter Promotions. All the services for producers are free (and we charge no fees or commissions). It's an easy way to find the perfect talent for any role you are casting for.
Once you join you can either search our database and contact talent individually OR complete our 'post a job' form and Presenter Promotions talent members will be informed of your vacancy and potential candidates will contact you via your email address, our internal messaging service or via the URL that you supply.
If you have any questions, ahead of sign-up dont hesitate to make contact.


new search talent


Find talent to suit specific needs very easily.

Search by Type, Skill, Location & Gender.

Use Search Similar button for quick results.

Sort your talent by category, skill or expertise.

Save search results to your own folders.



Producers can post unlimited jobs for free.

Your email address is not revealed to applicants.

Link the applicants to your email or a webpage.

View all your job listings in your own dashboard.

Save a job and publish later option too.

new messages


Private messaging direct to all talent.

Keep your email address private.

Message notifications sent to your email.

Build relationships with talent of your choice.

Messages stored for future reference. 


new applicants copy


Email notification of all applications.

Delve into applicants background in detail.

Select applicants Profile, CV or Cover Letter.

View profile and make instant & direct contact.

Add chosen talent to your selected shortlist.



Create and build numerous shortlists.

Select special 'star ratings' for reference.

Add your own comments for guidance.

Edit at any point (as you progress).

Easy addition or removal of talent.

new folders


All producers can create their own storage folders.

No limit to number of folders you create.

Easy creation for storage of shortlists.

View and edit folders in your dashboard.

Store related text documents in folders too.



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