Presenter Ear Pieces

Moulded to fit precisely and securely within your ear

Presenter Ear Pieces

Ear PiecesWhen you work in a studio, you will need to wear an ear piece, these made-to-measure devices fit inside your ear, enabling you to hear the directors cues both discreetly and comfortably. These earpieces are moulded to fit precisely and securely within your ear.


Specialist advice to TV Presenters

Ideally you should have both left and right pair of earpieces made. This is for the reasons below:- 

1) Either ear can be used depending on the camera angle and so can be better concealed. 

2) Ears SHOULD be swapped REGULARLY to reduce potential damage from too long exposure, especially during continuous live channels. 

3) If suffering with an ear infection, the other ear can be used. 


A unique and personalised service

WE visit YOU at a mutually agreed venue and time, either at your studio, or your office. After careful examination of both ears using an otoscope to check if they are clear to proceed, and using a silicone based impression material, our expert will take two moulds of each ear. These impressions, which set in about five minutes, are then sent to a laboratory for making into your earpieces. The whole process of inspection and impression taking lasts about twenty-five minutes, and delivery from the lab takes about a week.


Impressions are stored for you

We will keep the impressions for an indefinite time or until they fail-perhaps five years-in case you lose your earpiece, so a replacement can be quickly ordered without taking further impressions. Just come back to this site and click on the Replacement earpiece button below.


Ear PieceWell known names who have been fitted by our expert

Rt. Hon. Michael Portillo, Julia Bradbury - BBC “Watchdog”, BBC “Newsround”, Jeremy Thompson - Sky News, Michael Wilson - Sky News, Colin Brazier - Sky News, Ashish Joshi - Sky News, Colin Brazier - Sky News, Joey Jones - Sky News, Tulsen Tollet - Sky Sports, Alex Hammond - Sky Sports News, Teletext Holidays TV, Arab News Network, Adel Malek - Contact Middle East, Catherine Quested - Chelsea TV, Maeve Sherlock - Refugee Council, Julian Clary, Jamie Theakston, Jodie Marsh, BBC “Crimewatch”, Lloyd Bracey, Harry Green, Game In TV, Bid-up TV, Price - Drop TV, Debbie King, Sasha Twining, Endemol UK, Caroline Flack - “The Games” - Endemol UK, Lewis Live, Friendly TV, Poker Zone TV, Christopher Warren - Green: Royal Wedding 2005, Adrian Chiles - BBC “Working Lunch”, Eddie Mair - BBC3 News/Radio 4, Anita Anand - “Heaven & Earth - BBC TV, Simon Calder - BBC “Departure Lounge”, Peter Ryder, Lloyd Bracey, Stephanie Weightman - Art & Crafts Direct, Luke Toyne, MCM Productions, Darren Malcolm - “The Games” - Endemol UK, Jamie Atiko - “The Games”, Steve Morgan, Orchard Communications.


They are great value and very easy to buy

Earpieces are supplied in a tough presentation case and each come complete with coiled tubing and a collar clip. They are also personalised with up to ten characters using laser engraving. 



Order your own Earpiece TODAY . . .


One pair of presenters earpieces: £280.00 


A single ear piece: £200.00


Replacement earpiece (if lost or damaged): £110.00 

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