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Welcome and thank you. It’s great to have you join Presenter Promotions and I am looking forward to helping you get the most from your membership.

There’s lots of features on this website that can help enhance your career, so make the most of them during your membership.

Remember to take time to complete ALL sections of your profile and update continuously, so that any producer viewing your details can see your very latest work. Also create a great Cover Letter to accompany your application and upload your CV too.

I reccommend you check out our Application Help page BEFORE you start applying, as I want your application to not onlt be effective, but get you the job you most want.

Don't forget to give your opinion (and a star rating) on what we do, when you get a moment on our testimonials pages.

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Thank you again and heres to a successful membership and an exciting future.

Colin Cobb 

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