How to Add a Talent Profile


This is a Step by Step guide to adding your profile (both the Free option and the Premium Membership profile) on the Presenter Promotions website. Some of the things I mention here will be very obvious, but I want to cover everything so we can get it right.

Depending on how much you have already prepared (or your typing speed), if you are following this section by section it can take up to 30 minutes to do this, so if don’t have half an hour to spare now, come back and follow this guide later. I recommend you spend a bit of time preparing the items mentioned below, although many of you will already have many of these already. Remember the producers will judge you on what they see and read on your profile, so get things right now and your career has a better chance of taking off in the right direction, so here we go . . .

The Presenter Promotions website has been developed so YOU will be in control of up-dating your own profile and its content. Also if you join as a premium member to apply for the advertised jobs you will need to prepare some extras too.

Firstly Prepare the following:-

  • Upload your video showreel on youtube or (make a note of the url in the browser bar so its ready to use).
  • Arrange your voice-overs (in Mp3 Format). You can have one for a free account and three in total for premium members).
  • Sort your photos (one main profile picture - a head and shoulders shot is ideal) AND sort two more (so thats three in total) if going Premium.
  • Cover Letters (different styles or appealing to different marketplaces like One for Video, one for corporate, one for TV, one for voice-overs etc). You can create up to 4 cover letters, but you MUST have at least 1 or your applications will NOT be sent.
  • CV's (these will be uploaded so should be in .pdf or .doc or .docx, etc)
  • Premium Members also have the option to add up to six extra clickable Weblinks to their profile. (For example this could be your own website, social media links like twitter or LinkedIn, a blog or even your own youtube channel).

NEXT: Sign-up for an account (if you haven’t already done so)

Click on Register on the top Menu and when the page opens 'Register as Talent'. This takes you to the subscribe page where you can choose your membership option:-

  • Free basic profile
  • Premium (12 months)
  • Premium (6 months)
  • Premium (3 months)

Choose how you are paying (if going Premium) PayPal is quick and easy and instant too! Premium members will be taken to Paypal for payment and will return to the website after to continue with the sign up.

The Talent Registration Page

First Name: Add your First name

Last Name: Add your Surname

Username: Ideally create a username that uses both your names if you can or is recognisable as you. NO SILLY NICKNAMES (make sure its more than 6 characters and has NO spaces)

Email: Ideally use the email address you want to apply for jobs from.

Password: Please use at least 6 characters and try and use a mixture of letters and numbers.

Confirm Password: Place the same password into this field. Once you have completed the above click the button ‘I accept. Create my account’ It will then start to set up an account for you and when complete takes you to the CHECKOUT page, this will display an overview of your chosen package, once you are happy click Continue.

Meanwhile you will be sent a confirmation email containing an activation link:-

Go to your email account and click on the link within the email (this will make your account live on the website). This email will also have a reminder of your username and login password.

Once you log back in you see the My Profile page, if you scroll down you will notice that there are TWO Tabs that require additional information, Personal Info and Works & Credits. Please take some time to fully complete all sections, as this is a producers first window of YOU they will see.

First lets start with Personal Info, and if you scroll down you will notice your User Information has already been completed and the first section to start completing is:-


Contact No: Add your telephone number (mobile is best) (not displayed on site)

Address: Add the first line of your address (not displayed on site)

Address (line 2): Add the second line of your address (if you have one) (not displayed on site)

Country: Select the country from the drop down menu (not displayed on site)

Region: Select your REGION from the drop down menu

City: Select your Town or City (not displayed on site)

Zip/Postcode: Add your Postcode (not displayed on site)


Gender: Use the radio buttons to select your gender (not displayed on site)

Age: Add your age. This is important as its used by producers a lot for searches (not displayed on site)

Status: Select your Status from the drop down menu (not displayed on site)

Nationality: Select your Nationality from the drop down menu (not displayed on site)

PHOTO: The first photo is used as the Main Profile Photograph. Click the 'Upload New' button and browse your device for the selected photo (This one should be a Head and Shoulders pic). If you select the wrong image click the 'Remove Picture' button and it will be removed so you can then add a replacement. PREMIUM MEMBERS will get two extra photos to follow, so use the same method to upload the extra photos.

Location and MY Talent:-

My Location: Select the area that you are based - from the drop down menu. Remember producers searching for you will only find you in the area you place here, so if you want work in the South East or London choose the correct option. The location is also seen on your profile as a visual indication of where you are.

My Talent: Select your preferred talent title - from the drop down menu. Your selected option is also seen on your profile as a visual indication of your main working title. 

Showreels and Audio Demos:- 

Add Your Showreel: Paste the url link to your YOUTUBE or VIMEO hosted showreel. It will look something like this: or IF need more help with finding the correct link, check out this visual help guide.

Mp3(s): Simply click the UPLOAD button and select the mp3 clip from your device, (if you have a premium account it will display two further upload butons so you can have 3 in total.

A Short description of your talent and ability:-

Create a short description of your talent and your personality. Keep it simple  to about three lines (like an overview of yourself). You can place more comprehensive information in the Detailed Breakdown section in the Work and Credits tab which will get to in a moment.


Skills Summary: Add a few of your major skills, abilities or special attributes (e.g.) Live Presenting, Autocue, interviews, voice-over, Narration, etc. (When a producer SEARCHES this websites talent database, one of the fields they complete enables them to ask for particular skills and abilities, choose some from this list or add your own:-

Live Presenting, Multi-camera Studio, Autocue, Talk-Back, Interviews, Narration, Public Speaking, Research, Journalistic, Improvisation, Ad-Lib. (Remember to add a comma and a space after each ability).

Once you have done this click the 'Work & Credits' Button. This will take you to the 'Work & Credits' Tab.

Credits, Training & Achievements: Add a much more in-depth profile including any credits, training and achievements you have:-

Detailed Breakdown You should add as much info you can and include credits, etc. Ideally create an online CV that sells your abilities, the work you have done and what training you have. Remember a producer will look here before uploading your CV, so it's very important to keep this section as up to date as you can.

Major Skill

Select one major skill from the drop down menu (the one you think you are best at or most known for)

Premium Members: You have a Weblinks option (Add up to 6 links, for example this could be your own website, social media links like twitter or LinkedIn, a blog or even your own youtube channel).

Premium Weblinks

These are very simple to add, start by deciding what links you want to include. You can have up to six links and there are plenty of options, a few examples I can think of are:- My Website, Twitter, LinkedIn, My Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Spotlight, etc. Theres no rules about the links you can add here, but make them relevant to the industry and your career.

As an example I will explain how to complete Weblink 1: In the first box place the URL (the site address) starting http://www. and in the box below it add the title of the weblink (what a producer will see before they click on it) so for example: Twitter. The following 5 Weblinks should be completed in the same way. If you don’t have enough links to complete all 6 then leave the remaining ones blank and they won’t show up on your page.

Once you have done this click the 'Save Profile' Button.













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