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Can Presenter Promotions help you?

Presenter Promotions has been helping new presenters and voices to find work since 1990. Run by Colin Cobb, who can boast extensive experience, continuous free guidance & advice and can be trusted to help take your career to the next exciting stage. 

We are a popular casting website, which is used equally by new entrants and those who are already out there working within the industry. Membership of Presenter Promotions can help you connect with the talented people who can help each-other.

We are the bridge between the artist and the production company. Offering advice and help that other casting companies cannot match. Connecting TALENT and PRODUCER . . .


Presenters, Broadcasters, Voice Artists & Journalists

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Members benefit from finding out when and where presenting jobs and auditions are happening, and as a talented individual who is looking to get more work, gain experience and climb the ladder of success, you will find joining Presenter Promotions useful and valuable. Membership of Presenter Promotions can help you connect with the right people and help launch your career. Need more info and a little advice then take a look here.


Producers, Directors and the Production Team

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Producers and programme makers using our services can find quality talent with ease, that fits their needs and enhances their productions. Presenter Promotions are the bridge between the artist and the production company who need the talent for their programme or production. You can post your job for free on this website and start getting replies within minutes of the vacancy going live on the site.


We can guide you and offer realistic and useful advice

Anyone looking for help and advice should firstly check out our comprehensive advice pages or drop us an email.

About Us

Presenter Promotions supply presenter jobs and are best known for offering help and advice to new presenters since 1990. See More...

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