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Members Advice Area

Presenter Promotions offer wide-ranging advice to it's members, from simple guidance to how to guides. The images below link to many pages of useful help and advice about working as a presenter or voice-over artist in the UK industry.

If you are looking for an agent then this list may be a good place to start.  Helpful hints and tips when applying for a role on this website   Attending an audition can be a nerve racking thing, so bear these thoughts in mind  This is a very handy place to get an idea of what using an Autocue device is actually like  If you are looking for further reading to enhance your career then this page will have what you are looking for   Writing a good cover letter to go with a job application is as important as good photo  Our very own e-book full of advice, hints and tips  Questions you may be asking with the answers you need  Recommend Presenter Promotions and as a thank you you will get a useful reward  What Should I Charge when working? This is a common question and this information should help  It’s all about meeting the right people, so make contacts and keep them  Individually folded studio ear-pieces  Presenter Training is a minefield, so bear these thoughts in mind  Follow my guidance to make a showreel that producers will respond to  Here’s ten great presentation tips that will help you make the perfect presentation  If you need help as a voice-over artist then this page has all you need including some great warm up exercises  learnscriptapp  voiceratesfolder


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