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# Date Job Title Location
1 13-05-2022 Presenter/Nutritionist Central England (Midlands), United Kingdom
2 13-05-2022 Presenter for Branded Character Show Central England (Midlands), United Kingdom
3 11-05-2022 The Polar Express needs a Conductor England, United Kingdom
4 11-05-2022 Inspirational Presenters needed for School Workshops England, United Kingdom
5 10-05-2022 Charismatic & Energetic Live-Streaming Hosts Central England (Midlands), United Kingdom
6 10-05-2022 Chief TV Presenter North West England, United Kingdom
7 09-05-2022 TikTok Live Presenter North West England, United Kingdom
8 09-05-2022 Video Show Host/Hostess London, United Kingdom
9 09-05-2022 Experienced Television Presenter & Talented Interviewer South West England, United Kingdom
10 06-05-2022 Youtube Video Editor/Voice-over Your Location, United Kingdom
11 06-05-2022 Presenter for vlog style videos North East England, United Kingdom
12 05-05-2022 English Presenter who can also speak French or German Strasbourg, France
13 05-05-2022 Fun, Energetic Presenters South East England, United Kingdom
14 05-05-2022 Finnish-speaking presenter for TV commercial London, United Kingdom
15 04-05-2022 Shopping Presenters (working at sea) Different Locations, Around the World
16 03-05-2022 Weather Presenter North East England, United Kingdom
17 28-02-2022 Entertainment Presenters for popular YouTube Channel London, United Kingdom
18 01-11-2021 Competitive Gaming Caster Central England (Midlands), United Kingdom

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