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An overview of our services and how they can help you

Presenter Promotions are a unique online resource for anyone working as a presenter or voice artist (or wanting to make it their new career). Likewise we also have a reputation for helping producers and production personnel to find the talent they are looking for.

Yes, we have been here a long time, we set up in 1990, so have plenty of experience, as well as a great reputation, and in that time we have seen unknown artists become house-hold names. We don't claim to be totally responsible for their success, we have just offered a helping hand, with jobs and individual advice. We are a comprehensive resource for newcomers and established artists alike. 

Anyone who is currently working (or wants to work) in TV, Radio or the associated industries. We also help Production Companies find the artists they are looking for.

There is no other company like us, (who specialise in just presenters) there has been many who in the past have tried to copy or imitate what we do, however in true style they don't seem to hang around for very long. We do not make claims of earning loads of money, nor do we say you will be on TV next week, indeed our advice is always realistic and achievable for those prepared to work hard in reaching their goals.

Yes, thats what we are here for, to make the industry more aware of you and your talents. By becoming a PREMIUM MEMBER you can also apply for the jobs that appear on our latest jobs pages.

No, we do not represent individual artists or take any commissions from any work you do, our casting services can help get you work and help you get to where you want to be.

You can get a FREE profile on our website at no cost and all of our advice is free too, both via email or over the telephone, but to view and apply for the jobs there is a fee that is chargeable. Please note all conversations and communications are completely confidential and we don't sell or pass on your details to anyone else either. 

No, its hard work, with hardly any praise. In fact, if you are the sort of person who cannot stand rejection, then don't even start, as this a high competition industry. However, if you are determined, hard working and thick skinned, then there's a good chance you can climb to the next rung of the ladder.

No, not at first, in fact most new-comers keep the day job until they start earning in the industry. Your new career will take some time to build, and you might need to invest money in your new career at the beginning too. 

If you become a member of the Presenter Promotions website you can get free access to our Members Advice Area, which is packed with guidance, hints and insider tips to help you get your dream job. 

Also we offer a downloadable e-book too and you can see details of this by clicking on the advice link on the top menu of this website.

This happens when you were either:-

  1. Logged in and left your device idle for longer than 60 minutes
  2. Logging in with two different user names on the same computer at the same time

This error may mean any changes you made will need doing again as its likely it didn't save them


You were sent these on your first email when you joined, see the image below.


Or Click on the following link: I need a new password and follow the instructions on the page.

You have two options:-

1) When you joined, your very first email has this information, see the image below.

2) If you have changed your password since joining, (but cannot remember it), use the following link to reset and create a new one: https://www.presenterpromotions.co.uk/lost-password.html You will be asked to supply the email address you registered with and a verification code will be sent to you. 

IMPORTANT:- When you receive the code, it will not work if you do not enter the correct USERNAME associated with the account.


Go to the top menu and select Login, this will take you to the LOGIN Page:-

Login Option 1: Easily login via your social media account by selecting the relevant button:-

TALENT: You can Link or Unlink your account by going to Edit Profile (see relevant button under your name/surname fields) 

PRODUCERS: You can Link or Unlink your account by going to My Profile (see relevant button under your name/surname fields)

Login Option 2: This requires your Username and Password. Once you have entered these, click the Login button and you will be taken straight to your Membership Dashboard. If you haven't got a username yet then please go to the register page first.

Additional Help:

  • Select the Remember Me tick box and your login details are remembered by your internet browser for 60 days. 
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Finally, If you have trouble remebering your login details, you can use the two links on the login page, using these links will send you a reminder of your username and the option to create a new password. Additionally, if you checkout the first email we sent you when you signed up to the website, then you can find a reminder of both the username and password.


As long as you are logged in then the dashboard menu link will be displayed on the top (Main) menu. If not, use the Login option on the top menu and this will always take you back to your Membership Dashboard.

Always log-out at the end of your session when using the Presenter Promotions website. This is a recommended pattern to get used to, as it helps prevent others gaining access to you account.

You can only do this as a logged in Producer or production person. On the main menu click Talent, then View Talent and scroll the available photos, click on their Image or name to view their profile page.

That's easy choose paypal as your payment choice and when the page opens you will see a button called, "Pay with a credit or debit card". Click this link and a page will open to pay this way. You can see where I have marked with circle on the image below:-

no paypal account

No, you cannot change your username. Once you have created a username it stays with you!

If you cannot remember your current password click here: https://www.presenterpromotions.co.uk/lost-password.html

If you know your current password but still want to change it, please follow these instuctions:-

Go to your Dashboard, then Edit Profile.  You will see a link to click on in your User information, next to your username you should click on the Change password/ E-mail link to make the changes you prefer. See image below:-

 HOW TO change password when logged in

Go to your Dashboard, then Edit Profile.  You will see a link to click on in your User information. Next to your username you should click on the Change password/ E-mail link to make the changes you prefer.

Only Logged in producers can search and view talent profiles, its a a way to make sure only professional and genuine producers and production personnel are viewing and responding to talent profiles.

Its quite easy to unsubscribe, although remember, you will no longer be notified of any new jobs, so can i suggest you log in to the website and check out the latest jobs page on a regular basis, so you don’t miss out on any vacancy that might be of interest.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE: Simply login to your Talent Dashboard and under the JOBS tab, select MY JOB ALERTS, on the last section select No and then SAVE.

Re-add a WEEKLY job alert and will then get a digest of all postings once a week (every 7 days) instead? You can do this yourself: Simply login to your Talent Dashboard and under the JOBS tab, select MY JOB ALERTS and select weekly alerts, the type of jobs you want to hear about and then make sure the yes is selected, then SAVE.

It's likely we have removed all your details. We make regular checks of profile applications and incomplete profiles are removed.

You can of course re-register and add a new profile anytime you want, simply go to our Register page Click here. Please make sure you spend some time completing your profile so the same issue doesn't occur again.

If you left an incomplete profile, its likely we have removed it. Profiles with little or no information are of no use to visiting producers and we want a concise and fully up-to-date database, so if you come back and add a new profile please complete it fully. Register again here

Yes, access around the world is not guaranteed as some countries have been blocked due to their reputation of sending spam and creating fake accounts.

You will see:

Access Forbidden

Your location (COUNTRY ID) has been blacklisted.

If this is shown, then the country you were in has been blocked.

Some counties are blocked due to their reputation in sending spam and/or creating fake accounts.

If you mis-understood the way you wanted to pay and instead want to to pay by debit or credit card via paypal please follow the instructions below:-
Login to your DASHBOARD and under the SUBSCRIPTION tab select MY SUBSCRIPTIONS select the cross (X) on the subscription you incorrectly selected and this will delete the plan and enable you to select a new subscription by clicking the Get New Subscription link which is just above your list of subscriptions.

When selecting your new subscription plan, remember to make sure the payment selection you make is PAYPAL this will enable a card payment and an instant start up.
See the image below, it shows where to add your card details.paywithcreditcard.jpg

Heres a link to a some useful info and advice too: See More...

No, but we offer lots of other free services including a free profile and lots of advice both online, by email or by telephone.

Questions with Answers and In-depth help guides aimed at TALENT appearing on the site. (See more FAQs if you are logged in)

Once you are logged in, it will reveal your Talent Dashboard click on the ‘Profile’ Tab  and reveal the Edit Profile option from the drop down menu. This will reveal your information, remember to save your profile once you have made any changes.

This section of FAQ's has lots more info, but you need to be a logged in member to read them.

Yes, take a look at this My Messages Help guide if you get stuck using it.

No, you will need to take action to renew any current membership if you want it to continue as subscriptions DO NOT renew automatically.

A reminder email will also be sent to you before your membership expires.

If you do not require premium membership any longer, then you need to do nothing, you will still receive job alerts and automatically your profile will revert to a free profile.

Questions with Answers and In-depth Help Guides aimed at Producers and Production Personnel who are using the site. See more FAQs by logging in to your account.

You must be a logged in PRODUCER to view ay talent member's profile. Producers can go to Talent on the top menu and select View Talent, you can then scroll through the latest faces, if you want to see more about the artist, click on their photo and it will reveal a full profile page containing their information.

Want to see more? At the bottom of the View Talent page is a 'View MORE Talent' button, this reveals more talent for you to select and view.

Have a specific need? Use the search for talent option on the menu, and you will get more tailored results.

Yes, simply click on the Contact button on the relevant profile page and you can send them a casting message or a request for further information. They will reply to you via the internal messaging system and you will be notified when a message arrives for you.

DO NOT use this form to spam, ask for a date or promote any other website, directory or promotional service. The Talent (like you) consider themselves professional. We arrange regular checks and any indication of this behavior will engage a removal process and permanent banning of your membership.

There will always be someone who sees the value of ‘the experience’ as more value than the money, but we all have bills and we have to eat! I would reccommend you offer decent expenses. You cannot expect a presenter to give you their time for free when others are being paid, so a little cash can go a long way.

Yes of course you can, Presenter Promotions recognise the value of good work experience, this is often a very beneficial arrangement, when organised correctly. However this should not be used as a way to circumvent the MINIMUM WAGE policies set out by the government.

Note: As a volunteer there is no contract and therefore can be under no obligation to work certain hours or perform particular duties.

Help and Advice with building your Profile with Presenter Promotions. Make sure you are logged in to your account to lots more relvant FAQs.

In depth help in making an application. (Please login to your account to see many more FAQs to help you)

FAQ's containing this information are only visible to Premium Members. Login to see more.

Questions and Answers for those who are placing FREE job adverts on the site. Can I suggest you login to your account (if you haven't already) to see many more useful FAQs.

FAQ's containing this information are only visible to Logged-in Producers. Login to see more.

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