A Guide to UK Voice-over Rates

ukvoiceratesguideA helpful guide to what to charge for your voice-over services

The rates have been compiled by Gravy For The Brain, the British actors union Equity and a working group of top UK VO professionals.

Note: Most quotations are done through negotiation and you should not feel restricted by any upper limits! 

Rates . . . 

Please note that this rate guide is intended to be a guide for current industry rates and is not intended to imply that these rates are fixed, or set.

As a voice artist you must make your choice as to what you charge (unless you are a member of a union and then you are advised to work within their guidelines), but please do be aware that what you charge as a voice artist also affects other voice artists in the industry.

The Guide includes rates for:-

  • ADR
  • Cinema
  • IVR
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Gaming
  • Internet
  • Audiobooks
  • Corporate
  • Animation
  • Voice of God
  • Additional Chargebacks

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